Breathing? Obvious surely?

Yet the majority of teenagers and adults are not breathing fully.  If you look at a baby breathing in their cot you will notice their breath is in their belly, midsection and chest with no tension or blockages and along the way we lose that and our breathing becomes restricted.

This has severe ramifications and can be detrimental to our mental and physical wellbeing. 70% of us do not use our breath to it’s full capacity, and recent research has shown that most of us only use 33% of our respiratory system. This affect all the systems of our body such as our nervous and digestive system.  What should be obligatory just like doing our tax returns, should be learning breathing techniques and obviously Transformational Breath is on the top of my list as one of the most powerful techniques around. Theresa and Jeremy will that be in your manifesto?

It would solve a lot of issues in the world if we could all agree to connect to our breath just for five minutes a day.  We become calmer, more focused and centred and although we can’t always change what is going on around us we can help to change what is happening inside so we can respond rather than react to daily challenges and not feel overwhelmed by the ever increasingly fast pace of life.

About Time Magazine recently attended my workshop at Indaba Yoga and have written their experience of how breath can help change your life in a positive way .   You can read their full article here.