otherlightsWe all need a support system. Right?  You know when you need to make a decision and your head is all over the place. There are so many messages coming through that you can’t think straight. So let’s call in a meeting. We are constantly playing differently roles and with that comes our many personalities giving us their opinion. Some are louder than others and some just won’t stop like little gremlins on our shoulders.  Let’s look at them as your co-workers and get to know them. Become the observer.

Now some people say it’s not a good idea to hang out with your co-workers but these ones are in your head and therefore not so easy to get away from! So who do we have in the office? It’s quite a clan…

The naughty one

You know, the one who encourages you to go ahead and have that chocolate bar you don’t need or just one more drink. You’re having such a great time and then it all goes downhill, it’s late, you miss your train home, you get into trouble with your partner and sleep through your alarm the following morning. Obviously it’s not your fault you were led astray…

The cautious one

The one who says: ‘Oh no, I don’t think we should try this because it’s way out of our comfort zone. Why change everything when it’s all going really well? What if something happens…’

The negative one

This minx is always thinking of disastrous doom and gloom scenarios that may happen. ‘Someone’s head is going to roll, we’re all going to lose our jobs, the boss is mad, I’m going to be made redundant today, I know I am.’ She certainly knows how to bring the mood down.

The one who always goes a step too far

Quite simply, they have their foot permanently planted in their mouth.

The spontaneous one

Whatever happens, happens but it’s guaranteed never to be boring.

The creative one

She dares to be different, fulfilling her dreams and seeing what others don’t see.

The office gossip

Yes, we all have one and we all love a gossip every now and then (even if we profess not to.)

The playful one

Don’t underestimate the power of play. Bring this one out to create some good energy whenever you can.

The inspirational one

Can always be relied on to come up with great ideas and motivate everyone.

The jealous one

Otherwise known as the green-eyed monster.

There are many others too…drama queen, victim and so on. Embrace them, have fun with them and try not to take them too seriously.

Then there is the quieter voice inside us. Our inner wisdom. That voice inside us that has all the answers when we find that quiet space and expand our awareness inside.

Exercise For Creating Space in the Mind

‘By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try the world is beyond winning’ Lao Tzu

Often we spend a lot of time in our thoughts and sometimes experience recurring negative thought patterns. Don’t believe everything your mind is telling you, sometimes it is very destructive. Here’s a very simple exercise to help let go of the mind clutter to create room for clarity and calm. Firstly, leave all your thoughts at the door. Whatever it is you have to do today or tomorrow or should have done and perhaps haven’t managed to yet, leave it all at the door. You can return to this later.

Close your eyes and sit up straight.

Feel the ground beneath your feet and your sitting bones on the seat beneath you.

Relax your shoulders and let out a deep sigh.

Begin to notice the breath and become aware of the inhale and the exhale.

Imagine the breath is coming in and out like a wave.

Breathing softly and deeply in through the nose and out through the nose with a little pause inbetween.

As you inhale guide the breath into the belly encouraging a deep diaphragmatic breath.

Allow the mind to wander to the breath and each time you notice you’re going back into thoughts take the mind back to the breath.

Begin to draw your focus and attention to the rise and fall of your breath.

Allow the breath to flow. Not forcing it or pushing it. Gentle breathing.

Expanding your awareness inside and let go of the outside.

There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, just stay present with your breath.

Everything is as it should be right now, there is no wrong and there is no right.

Stay present with your inhale and your exhale

Noticing any thoughts that are there and gently push them aside.

Stepping outside of the thoughts and observing them.

Not entertaining them. Just allowing them to pass like clouds in the sky

Breathe in and breath out, letting go of anything that no longer serves you

Exhaling away any tension or worries

Inhale in new energy, positivity and light

Letting go of the pull of the future and the pull of the past

Continue to go deeper inside, explore and expand your awareness inside with each breath

Staying in this moment which is NOW

Keep practicing this for 2 – 3 three minutes and then notice how your mind feels