Q: How did you come across Transformational Breath?

Rebecca: I was working in media for 20 years and during that time started my studies with massage and bodywork. I travelled to India and learnt Reiki and my curiosity for the mind, body and soul connection began. I had a lot of back problems and also suffered with bouts of depression. I was taking medication and paying regularly for massages and realised that this was only masking the issues. When I came across Transformational Breath in a workshop with Alan Dolan it was like a lightning bolt and the physical and emotional sensations I received were nothing that I had ever experienced before. It was extremely powerful. I used this method to come off the medication and found it incredibly easy after years of searching. I travelled to Mexico and Italy to study Transformational Breath with the founder of the technique, Judith Kravitz and now I am qualified and practicing in London at Indaba Yoga.

Q: So what is Transformational Breath?

Rebecca: ….Transformational Breath is a self healing technique that helps people to access the full potential of their respiratory system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being. Transformational Breath helps correct old unhealthy breathing patterns and encourages a fuller conscious breath. The majority of the population only use approximately 25% of their full capacity so it’s no surprise that improper breathing is a contributor to ill health. As human beings we hold onto emotional stuff within our bodies and in doing so create physical, mental and emotional blockages. This technique helps to release the blockages and transform the energetic field.

At the beginning of the session the client is lying down and I undertake a breathing analysis. I then go on to ask what it is the client would like to gain from our session. This could be improving the way they breathe i.e people with asthma or coping with panic or anxiety attacks. It might be letting go of unwanted emotions and releasing tensions that are deep within them. During the session I will use acupressure around the body. This helps to turbo boost the release of blocked energies. I also work with the client using movement, sound and affirmations.

The client can expect to feel a number of sensations, often tingling and numbness, changes in temperature as well as experiencing emotional release. People often speak of this as a very spiritual experience and I leave this open to the client.

The first session usually lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours where I take a case history. Following sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes. I advise clients to come and see me 3 – 5 times in order to be proficient to practice by themselves on a regular basis.

Q: Guessing from its name I suppose that people can expect to be ‘transformed’ after the session. In what way would that be? What are the benefits of Transformational Breath?

Rebecca: ….After the first session people will definitely notice a difference. It is advised that after five sessions they will really feel the benefits especially if they practice in between for as little as five minutes a day. Some of the benefits reported are:

  • Emotional detoxing
  • Increased energy
  • Balance flow of energy
  • Resolve addiction
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Release and let go of past traumas
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Relieve depression and negative thought patterns
  • Expand awareness
  • Strengthen spiritual connection
  • Deepen creative expression

The list goes on…….

Q: And can anyone do Transformational Breath? And who do you think could especially benefit from session?

Rebecca: ….Yes definitely, anyone can do Transformational Breath from babies to the elderly. I first worked with children in a school in Mexico whilst training and the results were profound and touching. I believe that this work benefits everyone and what I love about it is that every session is unique to the client. I find this work fascinating, rewarding and humbling at the same time.