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A Deep Healing Experience Through Breath, Movement, Space and Flow.

Luxurious Transformational Breath and Yoga Midweek Retreat

Monday 18th March 2019 (2pm) to Wednesday 20th March (3:30pm)

Step out of the busy pace of life and into the Woodlands for this unique opportunity to energise, breathe and reset for a mid-week retreat at Wasing Estate in Berkshire, just a short journey from London.

This three-day break will see you learn and practice Transformational Breath, Yoga and Meditation, deep massage work* and woodland walks to relax, reflect and feel inspired. A perfect space to detox the mind and body and discover everyday life tools to stay calm, centered, present and focussed.

Many of us live at a fast pace of life, even when we think we are relaxing our minds are often over stimulated, our bodies have not evolved to catch up with this pace of life and many of us find stillness elusive. We find it hard to calm the mind with no distractions and often feel there is not enough time to do everything.

This retreat has been lovingly designed to give you space – to BE, to reflect, to heal, and to rest and experience stillness and flow.

In between the yoga and breathing sessions you can enjoy deep massages, woodland walks and natural lake swims in the heart of Wasing Woodlands. Vegetarian and seasonal meals are prepared by our in-house chef and are all freshly made each day.


All the rooms are designed with luxurious charm and deep sleep in mind. Roll tops baths and large beds in the Coach Houses guarantee a good nights’ sleep and power showers ensure a perfect start to your day. Shared accommodation is available in the Stable Rooms and these light and airy rooms are decorated in their individual way using antique furniture and 18th century pictures salvaged from the original Wasing House. The Smithy, Dovecot and Granary have unique character, taking its cue from the history of the area, you will never want to leave.

Wasing Park is nestled in the Narnia-esque style Woodlands with 3 stunning lakes to wander around or swim in if the weather allows. The winding paths make for a magical jaunt and the perfect chance for you to fully reconnect with Nature. There is a secret walled garden near the accommodation and every corner you turn here at Wasing will connect you either with ancient trees, wildlife, lakes or newly planted flowers and everything in between.

All the Yoga and Breathing sessions take place in the light and airy Garden room set amongst a walled garden. Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets are all provided but you ar