‘Since discovering conscious breathwork over nine months ago, it has become a daily part of my wellbeing routine, which has led to transformation in many aspects of my life since.’

Since childhood, I have struggled with low self-worth which kept me feeling small, stuck and powerless to make changes throughout much of my life. Practising this technique on a regular basis has given me the clarity, courage and strength to take ownership to create an expanded life which now feels vibrant and purposeful. Today, I feel awake, alive and more like my true self than ever.

My first encounter with breathwork was through a group workshop led by Rebecca. As a yogi, I was intrigued by this technique as breathwork is one of my favourite aspecst of the yoga practise …Transformational Breath opened up a WHOLE new world of inner connection!

Within minutes, I connected deeply with this powerful technique during the first session. I felt years of bottled-up feelings and stress release from my body. I sobbed throughout the session, yet I felt absolutely safe and nurtured by the support I received from the breath facilitators who were so competent at reading my body and responding to its needs with touch and affirmations.

This was the first space that I ever truly felt comfortable enough to let go and truly surrender; like so many of us, I shrink or hide parts of myself to appease others, it was liberating to remove the mask. I felt like my wounded childhood self was being cared for and this was exactly what I needed to heal and start to move forward. Each session helped me to understanding patterns of behaviour and situations in my life which kept me feeling stagnant.

I gradually learned how to embrace and love all aspects of myself and let go of the blame stories I’d so desperately clung to and had made an identity out of. I made peace with myself, made decisions based on my intuition and began to feel at ease in myself for the very first time. I was now able to write a new story for myself…

This month I leave my secure, yet stagnant job of eight years to share my passions: yoga and the wellbeing of young people to create my new venture ‘Yoga Seedlings’ – promoting yoga as a way of life from a young age. Breathwork reconnected me to myself and my powers – allowing me the clarity to see my potential and purpose to develop my best contribution to the world. Breathwork gave me access to my superpowers!

Rebecca is an exceptional facilitator of breathwork, profoundly knowledgeable and kind. I will be eternally grateful for the addition of this method in my wellness toolkit and for being so caringly guided on numerous sessions through the layers of release which eventually brought me home to ME.

Amy Vaughan www.yogaseedlings.com

‘Oh Breathing Tree, you beauty, you did it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

For me this workshop was even more transformational than the last.

I don’t know what I love most about conscious breathing:

The release
The mantras
The soundwork from the amazing Leo Cosendai
The way each and every facilitator is so very competent at reading the body
The community
The fact that almost everyone leaves having experienced a shift; a different person than the one that walked in.
The expansive way I feel after 3 hours of exquisite breathwork… I could go on…

As a practitioner whose work is based around helping others find their growth, I am so glad I found this for me.

@ihealprocess on Instagram, Client

‘Words will never accurately describe what I have gained from Transformational Breath and I can only offer real gratitude to all those who spend their days teaching this incredible practice.’

I felt years worth of trapped emotions leaving my body, I cried a lot, in the most healing way imaginable, I felt like a child that was cared for and that I was safe in this world finally, something that was absent from my childhood. I hadn’t cried in years before I started working with Rebecca but have since really grieved my childhood in ways that have allowed me to heal and move on. Something I can confidently say would not have happened had I not been working with this method. I will be eternally grateful for this method and for being so caringly guided on numerous sessions through the trauma and depression I was carrying on my shoulders. Words will never accurately describe what I have gained from Transformational Breath and I can only offer real gratitude to all those who spend their days teaching this incredible practice.

Dan, Client

‘She’s taught me loads about how to breathe generally, how to stop anxiety and stress, and just the magic that can be created with breathing in a certain way.

You may be thinking, “but I know how to breathe already, Fearne.”  Yes, I hear you, but not until you have met Rebecca Dennis will you truly understand the potency of breathing correctly.

Fearne Cotton, TV Presenter

‘From the very early stages, the breathing technique and Rebecca’s facilitation helped me go much deeper into myself and find silence.’

I found I was clearing out my mind and seeing things more clearly and more effectively than with meditation.

For six months, going to Rebecca’s facilitated breathing sessions weekly and practicing daily were the only treatment that eased the pressure and pain in my jaw following a bad ski accident, and have led to a faster recovery from the severe concussion I sustained. Most importantly though, over the last six months I have become more present in living now, learned to listen to my mind and body more and change my energy. I am much calmer and less stressed, and several people have recognised the change in my energy and the calmness I exude.

As a facilitator, Rebecca is exceptional. She starts each session by patiently listening to your description of how you feel and how life is. We then agree on what we need to work on for that session for example, letting go or accepting one self as we are. But most striking is that often Rebecca will just let the body and the breathing take us to where we need to work. She has a unique skill to hear what I am really saying but not voicing and what my body needs.

Over these six months she has also helped me build my own daily practice, which is incredibly generous and empowering.

Priyanka, Client

‘It’s difficult to believe that these positive shifts could be attributed to using a specific breathing technique.’

But the connection is undeniable. I’m well aware that there will be many more occasions in my life when things won’t go my way, but I will turn to transformational breath to support me. I still do believe that with hard-work I can ‘have it all’, but my concept of having-it-all is certainly a little different now. And with the freedom I’ve gained from transformational breath, I realise that it doesn’t have to be so much of a struggle.

Kim, Client

‘If it wasn’t for Rebecca’s work and the discovery of the breathing tree I don’t know where’d I’d be, I’ve finally found myself back on my feet and making strong progress with all my problems, nothing seems like a challenge anymore thanks to the help of Rebecca’.

The breathing is now a commonly use of mine as I would now lay in bed every night breathing for about 5 or 10 minutes and would help me get to sleep better as well. As well as at night I would also use this method if I was stressed or worried, I would simply lie down and start to breathe the way Rebecca taught me and that was a way I could escape all my worries.

Gaia, Client

‘I can only describe the work as life-changing and cannot recommend it highly enough.’

‘When I decided to have one-to-one sessions with Rebecca, every session brought up traumatic memories that have been stored in my body without my knowledge. Within the safety of Rebecca’s care, I was able to engage with these memories safely without experiencing distress or discomfort. The change in my moods, appearance, physicality and over all demeanour was tangible not just to me, but to everybody around me.  I can only describe the work as life-changing and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Lexi, Client