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Discover the natural healing qualities of a full breath and learn how powerful breathing techniques can help improve your wellbeing. This 3 part series is for a limited number of people and Rebecca will take you on a journey through breath, self acupressure, movement and sound with optional mentoring and support to encourage you to integrate the benefits of this practice into everyday life.

For thousands of years yogis and meditation masters have claimed that breath is the essential link between the body and mind. Now these techniques are being embraced by Navy SEALs, elite athletics, universities, schools and Silicon Valley executives for their infinite and essential benefits. Research and science now backs up this neglected subject to be a missing key to both mental and physical health and accessing higher states of consciousness.

By learning how to consciously connect to our breath we can harmonise the body and mind, live life more fully, find emotional freedom and improve our breathing systems for optimal health and wellbeing. Whether it’s reducing stress and anxiety, increasing energy levels or improving sleep – conscious breathing has benefits for everyone.

We live in a fast-paced world and often we feel challenged and overwhelmed. In our busy schedules adding to our lists a daily mediation/mindful practice can feel like another chore. Many of us are unaware that by making simple changes and accessing easy to use exercises anytime and anywhere we can help change the way we feel and think. This series will is to empower and help you understand your own breathing patterns and how these embody your patterns in life. By learning these simple tools you can let go of unhealthy aspects and distractions of our lifestyles in a natural, safe way.

This course will share methods and techniques to optimise the power of their breath. This can help improve physical performance and health, alleviate anxiety, stress, fatigue, anger and depression leaving us feeling calm yet inspired, focussed and energised yet relaxed and balanced. The seemingly simple act of breathing often goes unnoticed yet it is the most immediately vital process for sustaining life. This informative guide explains the central role of breath in all aspect of the body, mind and spirit.

By sharing science and tips alongside weekly breathing sessions you will learn how to tune with your body and the messages it’s sending, listening to the innate wisdom and natural rhythms of your breath. By having a deeper understanding of breathing patterns this will help you to understand the way they breath affects the way they think and feel and how simple changes and awareness can literally rewire and transform your thinking, and wellbeing and have profound ability and any stage in your lives to transform your life.

Becoming your own guru of your breath and knowing you actually have all the answers inside empowers you to go beyond expectation. The body is the subconscious mind, remembers everything and holding onto memories on a cellular level. My mission is not to be the expert but to empower you and create a space for you to become the expert of your own breath.

Each session will be informative yet playful with a theme to thread into the series helping expand and transform both your inner and outer world.

Session 1: Grounding – Moving The Breath Through the Physical Body

Date: Tuesday, 27th April, 6.30 – 8.30pm

In session 1 you will learn and experience the deep healing benefits of this powerful self-healing technique. This can help you let go of unhealthy breathing habits – such as shallow breathing – have a deeper understanding of breath patterns and release both physical and emotional tension from the body. Physically helping to balance our bodies systems such as the nervous system and understanding the benefits of a full deep diaphragmatic breath.

Session 2: Emotional Body and Heart Opening

Date: Tuesday, 4th May, 6.30 – 8.30pm

Focussing on the emotional level, our triggers and patterns and how we can connect more to our hearts desires and trust our intuition. We will discuss the mind, heart and gut connection and how a daily practice benefits us on all of the three levels, helping us become clearer on a mental and emotional level. There will be an opportunity to explore more advanced techniques and ask any questions that may come up about the practice.

Session 3: Deepening Connection To Self

Date: T