Project Description

Harpers Bazaar have a great piece on why you need to go on a solo wellness retreat and feature Rebecca’s Marbella Club retreat as a perfect example.  Here’s an excerpt:

The global wellness market has grown 12.8 per cent over the past two years, taking it into a trillion-dollar industry, and breathing classes have become one of the most popular stress-beating techniques – Marbella Club’s series will start with a retreat hosted by the transformational-breathwork specialist, Rebecca Dennis.

The head of wellness and general manager Julian Cabanillas says, “We recognise the desire among solo travellers for a bespoke, nurturing and transformative experience, from which they can reap the benefits far beyond their time at the resort.” With the spa team aiming to identify the root cause of any existing problems, encourage a little nourishment and reflective life-contemplating, and provide long-lasting benefits for each guest, they might just be onto something.