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 A Retreat from Our Home to Yours

Is your inner voice kind, supportive and forgiving? Or are you your own harshest judge and inner critic?

Do you work on that inner relationship and put time into it?

Often our self-care gets put to the bottom of the list, and even though we all have the same 168 hrs in a week, we often feel guilty spending time on ourselves.

When we can accept, forgive and appreciate ourselves exactly as we are, at this moment, it can give us so much freedom, to move forwards with more Confidence and Joy and then we are more able to care and full-heartedly love those around us.

In this 4-hour Yoga, Meditation, Breath and Relaxation Retreat, we will explore how best we can begin to navigate this journey back to fully loving ourselves.

We will dip our toes in and explore some ways to start now.
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