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The aim of this course is to increase knowledge and understanding of safeguarding issues and how this relates to breathwork practice and protocols. The training will be interactive, allowing breathworkers to share experiences confidentially in order to deepen the learning. The purpose is to enable support and confidence in breathworkers holding a safe container for themselves and others and to develop robust safeguarding etiquettes.

This course is open to fully certified breathworkers. If you are currently in-training please contact Rebecca before booking your space. You will receive a Level 1 Safeguarding certificate for taking part in this training.

Course content

Level 1 Safeguarding – Lisa Sibley-Pollitt

  • What is safeguarding and how does it relate to breathwork? (Child Protection/ Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults)
  • Types of abuse – Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Neglect, Financial and Material
  • Signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Managing a disclosure/referrals
  • Response to serious concerns, emergencies
  • Safeguarding yourself as a practitioner (DBS, Training, Preventative actions)


Part 2 Holding Space- Rebecca Dennis

  • Protocols-Insurance, First Aid, CPD, Disclaimers, Pre Health info
  • Touch- boundaries/consent/trauma/transference/bodywork
  • Language
  • Contraindications- case studies
  • Marketing and Promotion


Info on Lisa Sibley-Pollitt

Lisa has worked as a safeguarding trainer and Designated Child Protection Officer for Local Authorities, Schools, FE Colleges, charities and small businesses for 20 years. She has also worked as a lead Safeguarding Co-ordinator and Child Protection Officer for the Local Authority in Cambridgeshire. Since training as a breathworker with Inspirational Breathing, Lisa has been keen to share her knowledge with other breathworkers to strengthen and support safeguarding practice in Breathwork.

Info on Rebecca Dennis

International author of And Breathe, public speaker and breath coach, Rebecca Dennis is the founder of www.breathingtree.co.uk. Rebecca has a practice in London and runs retreats and events around the world. She is on a mission to teach as many people as she can how to empower their lives and improve their physical and mental wellbeing with conscious breathing techniques.

Rebecca has been practicing holistic and alternative therapies for over 20 years and has trained with Founder of Transformational Breath® , Judith Kravitz as well as Dan Brule, Donna Fahri, Max Strom and other masters and influential teachers of breathwork, bodywork and healing modalities. On her journey with holistic practices she also has trained in coaching, anatomy, physiology, Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, Chinese medicine, reiki and shamanic healing traditions from indigenous tribes and elders.

Rebecca collaborates with brands and corporates who wish to bring sustainable wellness programmes for successful and healthy results. She has over 10 years of breathwork experience and has worked with thousands of individuals and groups and is a mentor f