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Addiction: Chasing Your Own Dragon

2021-06-11T16:24:35+00:00By |

I asked my dear friend Jambo Troung to share his knowledge and wisdom on trauma and addiction. I have had the privilege to train in anatomy and bodywork with Jambo who is a master of meditation, ceremony, Chinese medicine and guardian of Forrest Yoga. ...

And Breathe Hits Amazon US

2020-07-19T22:21:50+00:00By |

And Breathe is now available for pre-order now on (the US version), and will be available for delivery from September. Here's what the listing has to say: The next step beyond the yoga and mindfulness trends: a program dedicated to the art of ...

No More The Warrior

2020-12-16T06:08:34+00:00By |

My wonderful friend Donna Lancaster heads up The Bridge – a 5 day residential workshop designed to release grief and loss.

Letting Go

2020-07-19T22:22:51+00:00By |

As a Transformational Breath therapist I show clients how they can let go of emotional baggage that they may be holding onto in their body from the past. By clearing restricted breathing patterns we can let go of emotional drama and trauma we are ...