Project Description

Hip and Healthy have a great piece concerning Rebecca Dennis and how breathwork is fast becoming the next movement in wellness. Here’s an excerpt:

Breathing is easy, right? It just happens without you even thinking about it. An involuntary system in the body that requires absolutely no thought to function. Yet, most of us are breathing completely incorrectly without realising. Enter breathwork, a new movement in wellness.

The power correct breathing can have on the body (mentally and physically) hasn’t been well documented in the western world, but it’s actually been quite established in eastern cultures for quite some time. Rebecca Dennis is a breathwork specialist and focuses her coaching on treating issues related to stress, anxiety, addiction and depression. She regularly hosts retreats and workshops to help people discover more about their own breathing habits and is even taking up a residency at the Marbella Club from the 5th-9th May to help guests harness the power of the breath. She has kindly shared below her guide to breathwork and an insight into the incredible benefits it can have on our overall wellbeing.