Project Description

Rebecca Dennis as featured in Fearne Cotton’s new book, ‘Calm’.

Celebrities don’t have it easy, but as Fearne Cotton explains in her new book, learning how to breathe can make a world of difference.

“When I’m nervous or faced with a colossal and nerve-racking job, I tend to hold my breath at the top of my chest.  If I stay still and hold my lungs and muscles tight then maybe I’ll be steeled for what’s to come and everything will go to plan.

Breathing coach Rebecca Dennis told me that with controlled breathing many emotions, traumas and worries may be freed.  She also told me to let go and see what happens without much thought.  We all think too much.  It’s constant:  ideas, comparisons, assumptions, worries.  Luckily, I switched off as soon as my session with Rebecca started.  I was so focused on getting the breathing right (teacher’s pet!) that all other thoughts stayed away.”