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 A Transformational Programme of Progressive Natural Healing

  Are you ready for change? Join us on a deep and powerful journey to reset and upgrade your mind and body.


Step out of the busy pace of life and into the woodlands for this energising and revitalising mid-week retreat at Wasing Estate in Berkshire. In today’s highly-strung, always-on society, we often hover in a constant state of low or high anxiety. Continuous low-level stress is now accepted as normal. Mental overload leads to physical stress which literally restricts the way we breathe, keeping the unhealthy circle going and results in us feeling out of balance.

AYNI means balance in the indigenous language of Quechua. In the Andean villages this reciprocity can be tangible or intangible and it is practiced in all aspects of the daily life. All things in ayni, means all things in right balance whether it be in the environment or our bodies. It is an action and more importantly a way of life that should be understood as the essence which triggers all of our actions.

Ayni show reciprocity with nature because nature is part of us. It is the source of life and everything that keeps us alive and nurtures us, and it is our duty to reciprocate.

This thinking means we recognise when something is out of balance in the world around us, and know we must balance something within us. We correct ourselves within, and then witness the shift around us. Our thoughts and actions create, and our body responds.

This four day programme will see you learn and practice cutting edge breathwork techniques, yoga, meditation and receive deep body work to super charge your body’s systems, bring in balance, relax and reboot the body and mind. October is the perfect month to allow the body to move, stretch and breathing in the fresh Autumnal air can help clear the