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Addiction: Chasing Your Own Dragon

2021-06-11T16:24:35+00:00By |

I asked my dear friend Jambo Troung to share his knowledge and wisdom on trauma and addiction. I have had the privilege to train in anatomy and bodywork with Jambo who is a master of meditation, ceremony, Chinese medicine and guardian of Forrest Yoga. ...

Four Suns Meditation

2021-01-04T18:06:21+00:00By |

This Four Suns Meditation is a powerful way to begin your day or if you need to get some balance and clear the mind.

Breathing Through Lockdown

2021-01-04T18:08:51+00:00By |

Breathing Through Lockdown Whether your mind is in another place, in a conversation that hasn’t happened, stuck in past stories, or feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the future, your breath has the power to pull you back to the present. When you’re stressed, ...