Breath Exercise: The Art of Letting Go

In this exercise we are going to practice the art of letting go. Limitations are often creations of the mind. Fear of failure and making mistakes prevents us from moving forward and growing Without the courage to belief we can succeed, we can simply quit without really trying and, of course, in quitting, we prove to ourselves that we cannot succeed.

All thoughts and words hold energy. This is why thoughts and emotions get stronger the more attention we give them. Letting go means falling behind the energy. We tend to let ourselves get bothered by meaningless things, like someone hurtling past you in rush hour or a throw away comment from a colleague. As these things happen, you will feel your energy change.

These shorts are exclusively created by Rebecca Dennis to help you find the space to breathe and experience moments of self-care through reflective, empowering and relaxing exercises.

You can come back and listen to these at any time you feel the need. They are free, easy to use and the more you practice the more you will feel the benefits.

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